Paul Cayard’s book, ‘The Black Pearl – A Pirate Ship’, is now available.

This book is written as a memoir of the Pirates of the Caribbean campaign in the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006.

The book is composed of two sources of content. First, there is text that was written by Paul Cayard after the race concluded. Second, all the daily reports that were generated during the race, much of them from onboard, are appended to each leg and this text is italicized. The daily reports give a great insight into what life was like onboard The Black Pearl in various moments, frightening moments as well as exuberant moments. As they were written in the “heat of the moment”, they bring the emotion of these moments to life.

It is my belief that this book will provide great enjoyment for all who read it. But its greatest purpose will be for the crew who sailed The Black Pearl. It is my vision that when each of us is in our 70’s, we will be relaxing on our sofas on a cold winter’s night, with the fireplaces well stoked, sipping a single malt whiskey, and through this text, will relive this great adventure.

In the end, it is all about what you did with your time on this planet. The nine months that we lived onboard The Black Pearl were exceptional by any measure.

Paul Cayard

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