Race Day 2

Today we had some consistency and some luck. The day started out with 16-22 knots from the Northwest. This is typically a very shifty direct as the wind comes off the shore and today was typical. Sometimes the left looks good and sometimes the right comes good. Very hard to know.

In the first two races we had decent starts and were always in the top 10 and finished up with a 9 and 8.

For race 3 the wind dropped a bit and we changed mainsails from our heavy air main to our standard. We had a bad start for race 3. I am still a bit gun-shy on the starting line having been called over early several times this winter. So I was back just a bit at the start of race three and we got rolled by just a bout everyone. We went to the right as that was the forecast as the wind dropped but the wind went left instead. So we were about 55th at the first mark. It didn’t feel or look good. But we hung in there and after rounding the leeward we tried the right again and lucky for us, it worked. We got a big shift right and passed 40 boats to finish 12th. That looked and felt GOOD.

So after 4 races, we are lying 5th with 49 points.

Mark Reynolds and Steve Erickson(USA) are in 1st with 29 points, Freddy Loof/Anders Ekstrom (SWE) 2nd, Colin Beashal/David Giles(AUS) 3rd, Peter Bromby/Martin Siese(BER) 4th. Neatherlands and Denmark are 6th and 7th to make the USA the only country with 2 teams in the top 7.

Ian Percy/Steve Mitchell(GBR) were Black Flagged in race number 2 but after six races they will get to discard that and currently their other three scores are 1,5,8 mso they wil be back in the counting by the end of tomorrow.

The forecast for tomorrow is very light winds; 4-8 knots from the Northeast so it wil be a tricky day. As if today wasn’t tricky enough.