Race Day 4

No wind today… No races.

So the final standings are those of yesterday: 1) Reynolds/Erickson (USA) 37, 2) Beashal/Giles (AUS) 44, 3) Loof/Eckstrom (SWE) 51, 4) Domingos/Santos (POR) 51, 5) Cayard/Trinter (USA) 52, 6) Holm/Olsen (DEN) 53, 7) Koch/Koy (GER) 55, 8) Neeleman/Van Niekerk (NED) 58.

We are fairly satisfied with our result. A lot of good people were behind us. With this win, Reynolds/Erickson have risen to the top level on the radar for the US Olympic Trials. For the past year, Reynolds has been off the pace but now it appears he is back. The fleet is tightening up of the Trials regatta.

We have some improving to do to get to our best. The