Racing Postponed for the Day No Wind on the Haurak

Racing Postponed for the Day No Wind on the Hauraki Gulf

The two matches scheduled for today were postponed until tomorrow as there was no wind on the Hauraki Gulf. The four boats were towed out to the race course in the morning and the crew spent over three hours waiting for the wind to fill in, but it was all in vain.

The long wait led to some surreal images coming in from the race course. Television commentators, desperate to fill time took viewers on tours of spectator boats while race crews lounged shirtless under the hazy sky, lying on sailbags on the deck of the multi-million dollar race machines. The Race Committee had some luck fishing off the Committee Boat, the little ones tossed back in the water. Fins were seen breaking the rolling water -perhaps some sharks circling? And Team New Zealand, out on the Hauraki Gulf for training, instead provided inspiration as dozens of junior P-Class sailors swarmed the pair of black boats, their America’s Cup heroes welcoming them aboard, showing them the top-secret machines, and organizing impromptu grinding competitions. To add to the strange scenery, huge Team New Zealand grinders commandeered a few of the mini P-Class boats for a short light-air race of their own.

Back in the world of the Louis Vuitton Cup, a dose of reality. Stars & Stripes is expected to petition the International Jury for more time to repair damage incurred yesterday in a collision with Le D