RC 44 Copenhagen Cup

June 11 will be a day Guenaddi will remember for a while. It is the day he won his first sailboat race.

After a three hour postponement, the fleet racing got underway at 1500 in 12 knots from the southeast.

Four races were run today with the last one finishing at 1915. Long day.

The racing was tight as usual in this class. Now way back had the best day followed by Cereef and then Artemis just 5 points ahead of us in 7th. So the points are tight.

Katusha was chipping away in the first two races in 6th and 8th I think, not bad for Guenaddi’s 5th days of sailing.

Then in the third race, after a bad start, we hit the right side fairly hard and it paid. We led at the first mark and sailed well to stay ahead and win!

After the final race, where we finished 8th, we were motor sailing back to the dock when we snagged a fishing net that no one saw as it wasn’t marked. Beach had to dive in the free us but only after Buddha reeled in two rather large fish. Sushi tonight!

Tomorrow’s forecast is for strong winds. Fresh to frightening.