RC 44 Valencia

We just finished the second day of Match Racing here in Valencia. 11 teams are competing. Both days were blessed with strong sea breezes reaching 20 knots and making the racing fast and exciting.

Cameron Appeton, strategist for Artemis TP 52, won the event with 9 wins. This is the second win in a row for Cameron after his win in Copenhagen.

Terry Hutchinson, helmsman for Artemis in the Louis Vuitton Trophy, and his Artemis RC 44 finished second on Artemis with 8 wins

Katusha, with more of us from the Artemis family, finished 6th in a three way tie on 5 wins. Tuesday was a bad day for us coming away with just one win. That was quite frustrating following our big win in Barcelona just 48 hours earlier. Didn’t get to enjoy that one very long!

Today was better for us with 4 wins and 2 losses.

It seems like we finally get sorted out by the last few races of the second day. The one day practice and go is a bit short but that is the way it is if you compete on both the TP 52 and RC 44 circuits.

We had Morgan Gutenkunst’s (bowman) mom on board twice as a guest and we won both of those races so I am sure that was a big thrill for her.

We even had a man overboard situation in one of the races but he hung onto the sheet that he was holding and we were able to drag him back onboard without losing the race. No names will be mentioned here but I think there may be some video of it. He was doing some pretty weirdious body surfing at 14 knots!

Tomorrow is the practice day for the owners driving their boats. There will be a few practice starts beginning at 1300 followed by a practice fleet race.

Racing begins Friday and continues through Sunday.

For complete results go to www.RC44.com