Rolex NYYC Race Week-Day 2

Newport, RI

The Race Committee sent us on the Coastal Race today.  The wind was blowing 15-20 knots form the south today. The course had us starting just north of the Jamestown Bridge, sailing upwind, south to a sea buoy about 3 miles south of Castle Hill and then all the way back north, into the bay about 12 miles and rounding an island there, and back south to the finish off Goat Island.

We had a very good start on Phoenix and were able to pin Spookie out to the left.  Vesper started to leeward of the two of us and crossed close behind about 5 minutes after the start. The racing was very tight between the three of us.  We seemed to be the meat in the sandwich and got squeezed out near the windward mark but we were all within 30 seconds at that point.  Down the long run, we got past Vesper but trailed Spookie by two boat lengths at the bottom.  Spookie controlled us well up the final beat to the finish and won the race.  We finished second with Vesper 3rd.

The smaller boats corrected out behind all of us.

At this point, Spookie leads our class with 7 points, Vesper is second with 10 and we on Phoenix have 11 and Interlodge has 12.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for a bit less wind so that will be interesting to see the performance of the boats.


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