SAP 505 World Championship

Sorry there was no report yesterday but it was a Lay Day and therefore no racing. Howie and I put in four hours working on the boat. About half the competitors were down working on their crafts either rebuilding them so they could continue on, or restocking their spare parts armory.

The word around the boat park is, “I knew SF was windy but this is really tough sailing.” That is what I remember growing up here. The fleet has gone through over 30 masts so far. As I told someone yesterday who was complaining that it was too windy, “Well, you won’t forget this Worlds soon.” To which he replied, “Yea, it is almost something you will tell your grandchildren in 30 years…. Yea, I survived that World Championship in ’09 in SF!”

That is all fine with me and I am sure all of us from St. Francis Yacht Club. Remember, life is about unforgettable experiences. So let’er rip! That’s what I am here for. If I did not want to rip around the track I would not be in the 505.