Saturday the 14th and the Keel “Made It”

Well, it is Saturday the 14th where we are and the crew are all talking about how the keel “made it”. Some of my guys are pretty concerned. I am

starting to be more comfortable with the advice that we are receiving from our designers that our damage does not affect the critical elements of the

keel structure.

We are up to about 90% of full speed. We should compress into the lead three boats starting tomorrow as they reach lighter winds. The out look for

after we round eclipse Island is for east winds around 20 knots so he course will be up wind. We will have to see how comfortable we are in those

conditions when we get there.

It is starting to smell like a kennel onboard. There is no time when you can go on deck and not get wet pretty much to the skin so there are a lot of

wet clothes and socks laying around that are starting to smell pretty bad.

Our Real Expedition freeze dried food is still pleasing everyone so that is a good sign. Usually everyone gets pretty fed up with the food whatever it

is after two weeks. We are losing weight through, at least I am. All thoserolls that I had justified as necessary stores for three weeks at sea are

finally shedding themselves.

That is all for now.