St. Barths Bucket

St. Barthelemy French West Indies

Another beautiful day for sailing down in the Caribbean.  Today the winds were slightly more to the right at 110 and 15 knots.

The course for the today is known as the “not so wiggly” course.  The fleet starts downwind to the west and goes around some rock at the far end of the archipelago before heading upwind to the north east.  From there it is a sort of chicane of spinnaker up, spinnaker down, spinnaker up and spinnaker down again all in less that one hour which is hectic on a 182′ boat that weighs 500 tonnes.  Actually, very wiggly!

The result was the same as yesterday.  Rosehearty first and Ohana second by less than a minute. The ups and down were numerous. Suffice it to say the crew won the day for us on Rosehearty.  Our maneuvers were the best of the fleet.  Nothing missed!

Tomorrow for the final race, the course should be one complete circumnavigation in the clockwise direction.  Forecast the same…more perfectness.

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