TP 52-Med Cup Update, Portimao

A very good day for Desafio today and we took over the lead.

It was as much that Quantum and Audi Q8 had bad days as it was that we had a good one. A 7, 3 isn’t bad but Platoon and Matador won the day with a 1, 2 each. Matador has moved into second place, just one point behind El Desafio.

Today’s wind was light and from the south. Very smooth seas and rather short leg length’s at 1.6 mile meant once again that all the boats arrived at the first mark together.

In the first race we had an ok start and hung onto starboard longer than we wanted because we were pinned by Bigamist to windward who wanted at all cost to go left. Lucky for us, they drove us over there. Matador led the pack from the left followed closely by Platoon. We actually passed Bribon and Quantum on the second windward leg but mismanaged the approach to the mark and lost both of them.

In the second race, we had a very good start down at the leeward end because we wanted to go left. Left was pretty good and we were second to Platoon, who had won the pin, as we came out of the left. Amazingly, Matador got a nice shift on the right and got between us at the top mark.

Again, just behind us there was a large pile up and Quantum and Caxia Galicia were casualties in that melee.

So the placing after the second day are:

1. El Desafio – 25
2. Matador – 26
3. Quantum – 29
4. Platoon – 32
5. Synergy – 33

Tomorrow is the “coastal race”. There are two scoring points in the race, the finish obviously and also the mid point. So getting a good start and going the right way on the first windward leg in this race is very important.

Forecast for tomorrow is 7 knots going to 4 knots. Not real encouraging.

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