TP-52 Update

Today was the “Offshore” race of the Castellon Serries. It was about 25 miles and really was just a bunch of 3 mile legs close to the shore.

Onboard Lexus Atalanti, we managed to have our best result so far in the series, a 5th. Mean Machine of Holland, with Pirates crew member Dirk de

Ridder onboard, won the race. They were very fast and sailed well. Warpath from San Diego was second and Fram, the King of Norway’s boat, was third.

The leader of the series going into today, a boat called Ono, finsihed 16th and dropped 5 places in the standings. As I said yesterday, the fleet is

very competitive and the boat that wins one race can be last in the next.

It seems that we are finally getting the tuning of our mast and sails sorted out a bit. Our speed, while not the fastest in the fleet, is very

comparable to most of the boats now. We had a good start today and managed to go mostly the right way.

Tomorrow there is one race to finish off this series. The next series is in Porto Portals (Palma de Mallorca) in ten days, but I am not racing in that


On Sunday, I am finally going home to San Francisco for 20 days, before returning to Palma to race in the Copa del Rey onboard Atalanti.

Paul Cayard