TP 52 World Championship

No race today.

Well actually, we raced in very wacky conditions with 150 degree wind shifts and velocity changes of 10 knots (from 2-12 knots).

The race was eventually abandonned about half way through. We had been 8th and we had been first. Quantum was really the team that should have won.

Anyway, it comes down to one more day. The forecast for tomorrow is for 12-15 knots from the northeast. I imagine we will have an early start and three races. So plenty of points are still on the table.

After browbeating the jury for three days, Matador got reinstated in the second race of the championship which was held last Wednesday.

The jury reversed two previous decisions to disqualify Matador for a port-starboard incident at the windward mark.

Needless to say, everyone is more than a bit upset not only because the reversal is not understandable, but also because we have raced for three days since assuming the points were a certain way.

Now Matador jumps from 6th to second, going into the last day.

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