TP52 – Audi MedCup – Cartagena

Two Strikes

Unfortunate situation….no racing again!

There was wind most of the day, but it was very unstable, both in velocity and direction. The wind “ratcheted” its way from 110 to 210 over 4 hours.

We had two attempted starts, but both were abandonned about 30 seconds to go due to 30 degree shifts.

Pretty frustrating for everyone.

We did something nice though. There was a RIB out there with about 8 opti kids in it watching us. We invited them onboard and gave them all a chance to steer Artemis and get their photo taken. They were really cute, happy, smiling and enthusiastic. We even asked them which way we should go on the race course and they unanimously said “right”. And they were correct.

Let’s hope for sailable conditions tomorrow. The Coastal Race has been delayed at least to Friday and may even be cancelled to make time for more buoy racing.