TP52 – Audi MedCup – Cartagena

One race today. We had more to lose today then to gain. Quantum was 5 points ahead of us and we would need an extra boat between us or they would win the tie breaker. Bigamist and Matador were just 2.5 and 3 points behind us respectively. So we had a bit on. The wind was very fluky and we did not get the race off until 1500.

We had a great start at the pin and we wanted the left. Pretty much everyone wanted the left so we were looking good. After 5 minutes we tacked to port and were looking famous. Then the wind went right 30 degrees and it was a scramble for us to get across the course. Quantum who had a not so good start got a bit right and Synergy went hard right. The right paid and Synergy had a big lead at the first mark. We were about 7th, but close behind Matador and ahead of Bigimist, the two boats hoping to take third place overall from us.

From there we pretty much stayed in touch with Matador and ahead of Bigamist. It wasn’t that simple, but I won’t go into all the details.

The bottom line is we got the job done and finished the season in a very credible third for the season while 5th for this regatta.

We will all be back together again in two weeks time in Palma for the TP 52 World Championships.

In the meantime I will be racing in Portoroz, Slovenia in the RC 44 event there. We have a brand new boat named Katusha. We will be training there starting Wednesday as we have a bit to sort out. I will send some reports from Portoroz in a week.