TP52 – Audi MedCup – Portimao

No wind, no racing. Still on top of the heap with Artemis.

The forecast for tomorrow is only marginally better. One thing about sailboat racing; you need Mother Nature’s cooperation.

When you are in these waiting situations, it is nice to be in first place because sometime they end this way. It is like finishing a car race under the yellow flag.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I am on my way to London now and onto San Francisco tomorrow, one day late to the 505 worlds. I had planned on the 505 Worlds long before I got involved with Artemis. But one is work and one is for pleasure so I made a compromise. As fate would have it, I could have left Portugal last night and made the first race tomorrow.

Anyway, it is what it is and Howard has a great crew in Ian Mitchell for Sunday. I will be on the wire from Monday on. Really looking forward to ripping around the bay next week in the men’s breeze on SF bay.

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