TP52 World Championship

Not a good day for Artemis today. In moderate winds but very choppy seas, we finished 6th while Matador won easily. We had a good battle with Quantum all the way around the track, they were always just in front of us, tacking on us as much as they could but we held close and made them work for it.

Today was the “Coastal Race” but it was anything but coastal. It was an ocean triangle that never got near land. We simply sailed long legs of four miles, out in the ocean. It wasn’t a very exciting day in the 12-15 knot winds.

Matador got out to an early lead and never looked back. Cristabella sailed well to finish second. On the first windward leg, when Quantum and Artemis were believing in the left (we have to stop using the same meteorologist) the wind went right. That was the key point in the race. We were actually last at the first mark and the first leeward mark, but we managed to slowly grind our way back past three boats.

So now Quantum leads the series with 19.5 points, Matador has 20.5, Synergy has 22, Artemis 24 and ALL4ONE has 32.5. So were are just 4.5 points out of first with four races to go. Plenty of shuffling to be done I am sure.

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