TP52 World Championship

Quantum Racing with Terry Hutchinson on the helm won the TP52 World Championship and Artemis finishes fourth losing the tie breaker with Synergy for 3rd.

One race was held today in 8-10 knots from the East Northeast.

Artemis had a decent start and played the shifts well to round the first mark 3rd. ALL4ONE, Synergy and Cristabella were all close behind.

Quantum and Matador were locked in a fierce match race by themselves.

We rounded the leeward gate in second and again played the shifts well up the second windward leg to close on Bigimist who was leading. Bigimist tacked on us at a very critical moment and this forced us to tack away and pushed us behind Cristabella and ALL4ONE. We finished that way after a big four way fight on the final run.

By beating Synergy we tied them but they beat us on the tiebreaker due to their better finish in the Coastal Race.

This event ends the TP52 season for Torbjorn and the Artemis crew. The competition in the class is at a very high level.

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