Transpac Update – Aiming at the barn

About 680 miles to go.

Well we got to our gybe point just about an hour ago. So far the wind is holding in the low 60’s (this means 60 degrees as in ENE, not 60 knots) and that gives us a great heading right at Hilo. A lot will happen between here and Diamond Head in terms of wind changes, so it is good to have some room out the the right to make some moves.

We crossed gybes with Pegasus this afternoon…the first boat we have seen in about 4 days. We have been pleasantly surprised to find ourselves winning this race in calls and overall. We always knew Samba Pa Ti would be a strong player but we never imagined to be this competitive with them. It looks like one of the two of us have a great shot at winning the race overall. This has a lot to do with the good fortune our group had in starting with the great weather we had last Sunda,y as opposed to the weather the other two groups had earlier in the week.

It is night now so the wind comes and goes as the clouds pass. Sometimes it increases to 25 knots and it is fast and furious on deck with plenty of water rushing down the deck. There is one of those going on right now so I am doing a lot of re typing as I write this.

Everyone is looking forward to getting to Honolulu. I am trying to remind everyone about what a great spot we are in right now, “the momenta”, and to remember it because it will be over too soon and this only happens once a year if you are lucky. 2000 miles of downwind sleigh riding. That is what the Transpac is. It is like skiing for 8 days and never needing a chair lift.

Off to the bunk for a bit of rest.


You can follow the fleet by going to and click on the Tracker.