Update from Valencia

Another perfect day on the Med- 12-15 knots from 125, sunny and fairly smooth seas.

The big race of the day was Luna Rossa vs. New Zealand. New Zealand got a slightly better start and slowly, over 20 tacks, eked out a small lead up the first windward leg to lead by 17 seconds. On the first run, The boats held about the same delta of 17 seconds with New Zealand still leading the way out to the right on the second windward leg. There was much opportunity for Luna Rossa and TNZ went on to win by 5 boat lengths.

The win for TNZ will most likely set up their race with BMW Oracle on Wednesday as the deciding race as to who will win the round robins and have the right to pick their opponent in the semi finals.

The other big match was Desafio vs. Victory challenge of Sweden. A win by Desafio would have clinched the last semi final spot for them. However, facing a must win situation, the Swedes came out and got the job done. It was a close match but the Swedes led the whole way and won by just one boat length. The Spanish are still in a very comfortable spot; a lost by the Swedes in either of their last two matches(TNZ and Mascalzone) or a win in either of the last two races for Desafio (BMW Oracle, Luna Rossa) will put the Spanish into the semis.

+39 put on a great show, winning the start and stretching all the way around the course to beat Shosholoza by 235 meters. Very well sailed by Ian Percy and Ian Walker.

Mascalzone, and its starting helmsman Graham-Hanson, had a KO going in the prestart against BMW Oracle up until the last second as they went over the line early on an unforced error, which allowed American boat the easy win.

Tomorrow’s big matches are the Italian derby of Luna Rossa and Mascalzone Latino and Desafio vs. BMW Oracle which Desafio won in the first round. Victory meets Team NZ.