Update from Valencia

Is it me or is it Valencia. I just got back today at 12:00 and no races today. That is 7 out of the 9 days I have been here there have been no races.

The big match of the day was to be BMW Oracle against Luna Rossa both with 27 points. BMW won the first encounter between the two by just 6 seconds this match could be important in the case of a tie breaker.

The team that wins the round robins has the right to choose their opponent in the semi finals. In a fleet where there seems to be a bit of difference between the top three and the rest, this could be a nice advantage?possibly an easier road to the finals and possibly an earlier finish to the semi final so a longer rest or more time to improve the boat.

I was asked if Team New Zealand was holding back in the racing so far. I doubt it as the prize for leading at the end of the round robins is quite significant.

Desafio is protesting Mascalzone for a measurement violation in the race between them yesterday. The accusation has to do with starting the race with the top mast backstay disconnected from the runner block and then reattaching it later in the race. The interpretation is that once you start with it in a certain state (attached or detached), it can not be changed during that race. This is a big deal as Mascalzone won the race and desperately needs those points to stay in the hunt for the semi finals. The hearing was to be tonight.

The forecast for tomorrow is good, SE 10-12 knots so let’s keep our fingers crossed.