Update from Valencia

No wind again! Where are we? 2 for 8?

For sure we are in trouble. I am going home to SF. When the wind comes up, my friends at La7 are going to call me and I will come back. Actually, maybe I should go with a big suitcase and get some wind and bring it back from SF.

I think things are going to deteriorate between America’s Cup Management and the challengers pretty quickly. Another day or two lost and the challengers will be in quite a bit of trouble with their schedule. This is the first Cup where the challenger series is being run by an entity appointed by the defender. It used to be bad enough just having the Cup itself run by the defender. ACM’s unwillingness to accommodate and cooperate with the challengers is terrible. It is their series after all. The point of the Louis Vuitton Cup is to select the challenger who will face Alinghi in the finals. How can you have that series controlled by a sister company to Alinghi? If things were going well and fair then it may be acceptable, but they are not.

Anyway, I am out of here for a while. It is not my problem this time. I am going home to see my family and be a dad for a week or so.