We are Happy to be in Brasil

Position: 23,19.8S , 43,16.50W

Speed: 15 knots, Course: 8 deg.

What an incredible afternoon and night. I have never been in so much rain. It has been one squall after another with huge down pours. Of course this reeked havoc on the wind. It was a 15 hour work out-changing sails one after another.

We got passed by Brasil yesterday afternoon but we some how managed a little better in all the crazy conditions to grab second place back. We broke the watch system off at the point when Brasil passed us. No one wanted to go to sleep until we had passed them back. To have to sprint like that right at the end of a 6700 mile-three week leg- was tough for everyone.Brasil and ABN2 also.

We are happy to be here in Brasil and happy with our result.

That is about it for now. Too tired for more. Tomorrow.

Paul Cayard

Pirates of the Caribbean