We are setting some sort of record

Position: 41,59.6N , 51,35.36W

Speed: 10 knots, Course: 50 deg.

We are setting some sort of record for the fewest miles achieved in 5 days in these Volvo 70’s. We are currently 1023 miles from New York and we have been sailing for 4.5 days.

All day Monday was spent trying to get around the high pressure cell. The wind was very light and variable and it was a challenging day. Then in the late afternoon the wind finally built to 10 knots and we thought we were out of there. Not so fast, the wind has just died again and lifted us above course.

We are rationing our food as we only brought food for 9 days on this trip. We should be ok with diesel Juggy says so we should be able to keep the instruments going.

We had some nice dolphin playing with us today. They were fishing when we came up on them and then they came by for a visit.

ABN1 has sailed a very smart leg so far. I always say it doesn’t matter where they go but this time they definitely figured out the weather better than the rest of us. This is the type of weather scenario where the rich get richer for the next couple of days so ABN1 and Ericsson should be in good shape. We are trying to stay in touch with Brasil so we can try to make move on them near the end of the leg.

Apart from the wind, the weather has improved greatly in the last 40 hours. No more fog and the air temp is up to 9C. The sea is fairly smooth and we are running with a masthead gennaker. Really pretty nice conditions for the north Atlantic.


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