We had 15 Guys From all Over the World, All Fantastic Pirates

Its been a while since I wrote a note. The team did a great job with all the work on the boat. We had 15 guys come in from all over the world and each and everyone of them was fantastic to have as part of Pirates. Thanks to everyone as they worked like champions and they are forever Pirates!

We have the Pearl back in the water and been sailing for the past three days. It is nice to get back out there and learning. We have been sailing alongside a couple of boats! First time was Wednesday with ABN. It was blowing about 30 and they had a special little jib and a nice set up on the main and the blew our doors off upwind. they turned and went back to the harbor first and we continued on upwind trying to sort out a few things with our rig set up. When we turned to go back the speed immediately went up to 25 kntos with just the jib and main. Then we put up the fractional kite….30 knots. ABN later told me they laid the boat down on the way in. We actually did too before putting up the kite. got the keel stuck on the wrong side in a gybe. Nothing too major. Just went head to wind on the new gybe, got things sorted with the electronic controls, canted, and ripped off at 25 again.

Today we lined up with Brasil and ABN again in 8 knots and things were much closer. There is a big difference in sails and one thing that is becoming very apparent is that sails make a big difference in speed in this class. Speed differences are in the knots, not tenths of knots!

The shore team worked non stop for 12 days and are thuroughly burned out. So they are getting a bit of a rest…sleeping in until 0700…things like that.

Tomorrow is a work day. We have a few small jobs to finish up so the boat is ready for measurement. We will try for the hull measuremnet on Sunday or Monday.

The days are very busy and it is hard to get a workout in. This morning we made a short one then Freddy tried to get me to go to the gym at 2100 after dinner but I was too beat. Freddy went by himself. That dude is an athlete.

We have a lot to learn and get sorted. Sailing these things with 10 people is not easy. Sails make a big difference. All this takes time to get right. We are late but that just means the challenge is great. We have a great group of people and that is the biggest asset and organization has.


Paul Cayard

Pirates of the Caribbean