Some corrections.

In my effort to get the report out quickly last night, I erred in my reporting of the seasons positions for both Artemis and Katusha.

The good news is that I under reported.

Artemis actually finished 2nd in the combined overall scoring for the RC44 2010 season to BMW Oracle and Katusha finished 7th actually beating Cereef by 3 points.

There are a few different classifications in the RC 44 scoring…Match Racing, Fleet Racing and Combined.

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Three races were held today off Miami’s South Beach. The winds were 14-22 knots from the West which made it very shifty and tricky as this meant the wind was coming off the shore.

It was a mixed bag in the results with Katusha and Artemis each winning one of the three races.

Katusha ended up 7th in the fleet racing, one place behind Cereef. This means we tie for this event but they win the tie breaker, but that we are ahead of them in the overall standings in 7th place for the 2010 Championship Tour.

Artemis ended up 5th in the fleet racing and a very credible 2nd overall in this Miami event and a very good 3rd overall to BMW ORACLE Racing and “17” for the season.

So that is the end of the 2010 sailing season. Very busy….maybe too much at times.

Artemis is continuing with our Extreme 40 training for a few more days down here in Miami.

Next season will see Artemis and Katusha continuing with the RC44 circuit beginning in San Diego in early March. We will also be racing on the Extreme 40 circuit which begins mid March in Oman.

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Merry Christmas to all.


Yesterday we finished up the match racing with a win on Katusha over Cereef. Aqua was the overall winner of the match racing beating Artemis in the one race final.

Today was the first day of fleet racing and four races were held in 9-12 knots of wind from the north. The temperature has come back to normal here in Miami with 76 degrees and sunshine today. The wind was fickle and very challenging.

We had medium day today with most of our finishes mid fleet. Artemis had a great day winning one race and is in second place over all one point behind “17” with James Spithill as tactician.

Tomorrow’s fore cast is for a rather light northeasterly sea breeze. 6 more races are scheduled over the weekend.

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No wind, no race.

Sudden death in Match Racing racing tomorrow.



Not a great day for Katusha at 2 and 4. The conditions were very shifty with strong winds early in the day.

There are 14 boats in the fleet here in Miami with the addition of a new team from the states. So the fleet was divided into two groups for match racing today.

Our teammates on Artemis had a good day with 5 wins to lead their group. In our group, Aqua also had 5 wins. There are quite a few boats on 4 wins so there will be some “tie breaking” needed.

Tomorrow the top four will race in the semi finals and finals and the others will race a knockout series to determine 5-14.

It has been unseasonably cold down here, 60F as a high! Tomorrow is supposed to be less wind and a bit warmer heading into Thursday.

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Today was a special day here in Dubai. The Louis Vuitton Trophy racing was put on hold so the six teams could race a traditional Dhow race. Dhows have plied the waters of the Arabian Gulf for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Nowadays, they race them regularly in fleets of up to 70 boats.

The six Louis Vuitton teams were assigned a Dhow each complete with the owner and five local crew. To that 11 Louis Vuitton sailors were added, plus a couple of VIP guests. The Dhows are 60 feet long and weigh about 2000 lbs, so very light. They have two sails, one larger one forward off the taller mast and one smaller one aft. Sand bags are used for ballast and are movable. It is also to be jettisoned in light winds which we did today.

The start is done at anchor. A line is set and buoys are laid along the line. Each racing Dhow picks up an anchor off the bow and one off the stern. At the starting signal…a green flag…the crew pull the sails up and cut the anchor lines. The Dhows quickly accelerate up to 10 knots of boat speed in just 7 knots of wind.

Artemis was on Dhow #95. I don’t know her name but she had been in the owner’s family for more than a hundred years. Ali’s (the owner) family actually used that very Dhow for trading with India over a hundred years ago. Imagine that…a boat with a real useful purpose.

Artemis and the good ship #95 finished a credible 4th. The French-German team of ALL4ONE won the 40 minute downwind sprint. The finish line was right in front of the famous, sail shaped hotel, the Burj Al Arab.

Tomorrow Louis Vuitton Trophy racing resumes. Artemis Racing faces the Russian team Synergy in the second flight of the day and then the leaders, BMW ORACLE Racing in the 4th flight.


A fantastic day for Katusha today with scores of 5, 5, 1. In the last race we played the shifts to stretch out to a massive 200 meter lead on the second place boat.

Unfortunately, that boat was Sea Dubai and by finishing second, they beat us by one point in the fleet racing that put us in a three way tie for third overall in the Championship. Unfortunately, we will lose that tie breaker to No Way Back but we will beat Artemis as the fleet racing score is determinant for tie breaks.

In any case, it could not have gone better nor could it have ended on a higher note for Katusha. On the way back to the dock, we counted up the days that Guenaddi has been sailing in his life and it came up to 14.

Next stop for the RC44 fleet is Miami, December 7-12.

My next sailing will be in Virgin Gorda in two weeks for the Bitter End Yacht Club Regatta where my friend Russell Coutts and I will fight it out with a few other friends…haha. Rum punches will be the only punches we will be throwing and “down” is the direction they will be going.

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A very good day for Katusha today. We scored 2, 3, 5, 7 in the four races held in 10-15 knots of steady Southerly wind. A combination of good starts, good speed and minimizing maneuvers were the keys to a great day.

We moved from 12th place overall to 7th, just three points out of 4th. Sea Dubai is on 44, Cereef is on 45, Artemis on 46 and Katusha on 47. There is a bit of a gap ahead and behind our group.

USA 17 and BMW Oracle continue to dominate the racing and lead the standings overall. Third is the Dutch team of No Way Back.

It was a beautiful day today…prototypical for the near tropics. Crystal clear, 27C and a moderate breeze and smooth seas.

There were a few collisions, but fortunately none involved Katusha.

Three more races are scheduled tomorrow. The forecast is for 10-15 knots, so it should be another nice day for sailing.

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The first three races of the fleet racing part of the RC44 World Championship were held today in very light winds here in Lanzarote.

BMW Oracle led the results with a 2, 5, 2 and USA 17, the winner of the Match Racing, is in second place. Artemis had a good day and is in 4th place and we on Katusha had a tough day and are in 12th. Ironically, the only boat behind us is the other Russian team, Synergy.

Racing continues tomorrow and the forecast isn’t much better. Normally the Canary Islands are blessed with steady trade winds but the Azores high has been displaced this week by a series of low pressure systems and associated fronts. Basically, we are in the wake of all that which is just a mess of turbulance.

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One final race was held this morning in the Petit Final and Final of the Match Racing. Unfortunately, both Artemis and Katusha lost to the BMW Oracle boats, so we finished 2nd and 4th respectively.

For the overall World Championship, the results of the Match Racing will be combined with the Fleet Racing. So Artemis is in a good position to win. The fleet racing will be determinant in case of a tie in the combined scoring.

In the afternoon we had the fleet racing practice race. Our helmsman Guenaddi was not here yet so Bob Little drove Katusha. Torbjorn Tornqvist was here to steer his Artemis.

It was a light air afair as the whole day was with Southeasterly winds of 5-7 knots.

Team Aqua and BMW Oracle were first and second, Artemis third and Katusha made a huge comback after the first leg to finish 4th.

Tomorrow racing gets underway at 1130. The forecast is for light to moderate winds of 7-12 knots. The sun is out here and it feels like fall but still the temps are around 27C or 80F during the day. Very pleasant.

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