Some corrections.

In my effort to get the report out quickly last night, I erred in my reporting of the seasons positions for both Artemis and Katusha.

The good news is that I under reported.

Artemis actually finished 2nd in the combined overall scoring for the RC44 2010 season to BMW Oracle and Katusha finished 7th actually beating Cereef by 3 points.

There are a few different classifications in the RC 44 scoring…Match Racing, Fleet Racing and Combined.

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Three races were held today off Miami’s South Beach. The winds were 14-22 knots from the West which made it very shifty and tricky as this meant the wind was coming off the shore.

It was a mixed bag in the results with Katusha and Artemis each winning one of the three races.

Katusha ended up 7th in the fleet racing, one place behind Cereef. This means we tie for this event but they win the tie breaker, but that we are ahead of them in the overall standings in 7th place for the 2010 Championship Tour.

Artemis ended up 5th in the fleet racing and a very credible 2nd overall in this Miami event and a very good 3rd overall to BMW ORACLE Racing and “17” for the season.

So that is the end of the 2010 sailing season. Very busy….maybe too much at times.

Artemis is continuing with our Extreme 40 training for a few more days down here in Miami.

Next season will see Artemis and Katusha continuing with the RC44 circuit beginning in San Diego in early March. We will also be racing on the Extreme 40 circuit which begins mid March in Oman.

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Merry Christmas to all.


Yesterday we finished up the match racing with a win on Katusha over Cereef. Aqua was the overall winner of the match racing beating Artemis in the one race final.

Today was the first day of fleet racing and four races were held in 9-12 knots of wind from the north. The temperature has come back to normal here in Miami with 76 degrees and sunshine today. The wind was fickle and very challenging.

We had medium day today with most of our finishes mid fleet. Artemis had a great day winning one race and is in second place over all one point behind “17” with James Spithill as tactician.

Tomorrow’s fore cast is for a rather light northeasterly sea breeze. 6 more races are scheduled over the weekend.

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No wind, no race.

Sudden death in Match Racing racing tomorrow.



Not a great day for Katusha at 2 and 4. The conditions were very shifty with strong winds early in the day.

There are 14 boats in the fleet here in Miami with the addition of a new team from the states. So the fleet was divided into two groups for match racing today.

Our teammates on Artemis had a good day with 5 wins to lead their group. In our group, Aqua also had 5 wins. There are quite a few boats on 4 wins so there will be some “tie breaking” needed.

Tomorrow the top four will race in the semi finals and finals and the others will race a knockout series to determine 5-14.

It has been unseasonably cold down here, 60F as a high! Tomorrow is supposed to be less wind and a bit warmer heading into Thursday.

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