After the great start, we had a few issues.

Position: 40,1.37N , 72,17.17W

Speed: 12 knots, Course: 69 deg.

After the great start, we had a few issues. Our wind instruments have been acting up again so Juggy has gone up the mast three times and change “wands”. A wand is the carbon fiber stick that attaches to the top of the mast and contains the wind instruments. By changing the wand we have found one that is working properly and giving us reliable information.

After that, we got a small shark stuck on the rudder. So we had to stop and back down.

All seems good now and we are making some gains on Brasil, Brunel and ABN2 who are all within 2 miles of us.

The wind has lifted much more than forecast so we are close reaching towards Nantucket on starboard tack. The seas are fairly smooth still, the wind speed about 20 knots from 135 and we are making 12.5.The latest weather forecast say that the winds will continue increasing tomorrow to 25-30 knots and start shifting back to the left to 100.


Pirates of the Caribbean