It is pretty hard to type tonight so I’ll keep this one short

Position: 42,35.36N , 66,32.8W

Speed: 11 knots, Course: 60 deg.

The breeze has filled in to 25-30 knots and we are slamming around a bit out here. We went over two shallow banks; one off Nantucket and one off Maine called George’s Bank. So it has been rough but the conditions are supposed to moderate in the morning. We are heading for the southwest tip of Nova Scotia which is just 65 miles away.

We got a second fish of some kind stuck on the keel early Friday morning so we had to back down again to clear the fish. We are getting pretty good at catching fish with smooth, blunt, instruments.

We had some very dense fog today; beyond “Pea Soup” it was “Clam Chowder”. At times it was difficult to see the bow. The fog has lifted now so we have a bit of visibility which is nice at night.

Brasil1 is sailing fast so far on this leg. Ericsson is just behind us and we can see their masthead light. Looks to me like ABN Amro One is taking it very easy on this leg. They probably wan to be very conservative on this leg and will turn on the speed when we go downwind or reaching.

It is pretty hard to type tonight so I’ll keep this one short.

Paul Cayard

Pirates of the Caribbean