Another big day for the Black Pearl

Another big day for the Black Pearl. She went for her maiden voyage and all went well. It was a beautiful, sunny, 12 knots day on the Solent and we got through about 5 different sails, ran the keel system, tuned the rig, and run other various checks. We had all the experts of the various departments onboard plus the crew. It doesn’t take long to realize these boats are going to be a handful. Further, the size of the sails makes for heavy work everywhere weather you are getting them up and down or grinding them in.

Where are the other 7 guys?

The boat sails effortlessly, not creating a big wake as you would imagine for a 14 ton-70 foot long boat.

Definitely generated a work list today. The forecast for the week is gradually increasing wind which is just perfect for us to build our

confidence day by day in the boat. I think we will have a work day tomorrow and then sail again Friday. Supposed to be raining and windy on Friday.