We had a huge day yesterday and a good one today.

We had a huge day yesterday and a good one today.

Yesterday, Monday September 5th, we executed the “roll over” test as required by the VOR 70 class rule. Each boat must demonstrate that it is

capable of righting itself from a fully inverted positon. So we used a crane to roll the boat over by tying a strap onto the bulb and simply lifting the boat by its keel. Once upside down, we canted the keel manually about 6 degrees, and she righted herself. The rule requires that the Person in Charge, and two other crewmembers be inside while the roll is performed. So I was in there with Juggy and Nigel. It was an interesting experience. Very dark inside a carbon boat that is upside down.

Next big event of the day was to step the mast. This went perfectly. Everything fit, the lengths were just right. Craig Satterthwaite, our project manager for the mast and boom has done a great job of coordinating all that with Hall Spars Holland who also did a greatjob of deleivering what they said they would when they said they would. So that was another huge step forward without any glitches.

And the final piece of good news of September 5th was the Dirk De Ridder and his wife happily welcomed into this world their second daughter. Here is an excerpt from his email:


Last night at 3:55 am our second daughter was born. She is 50 cm and weighs 3110gr and is healthy. Helena did a great job and evrything is fine with here as well. Here name is Anne Marieke de Ridder and we call her Marieke.

Later, Dirk

Today’s goal was to get the boat ready to go for its first sail tomorrow. This meant getting all the machinery working…main engine, generator, get the hydraulic keel mechanism full working, tune the rig, running rigging set, tune up the winches, check the sails, etc. A big day and we are still here at 20:00.

Tomorrow we plan to dock out at 12:00. Forecast is 10 kntos from the SSW.

Perfect conditions for a first sail. The Pearl is coming alive.