Copa del Rey – Day 4

Palma de Mallorca

Hot and cold today for Robertissima. Except it’s always hot here in Palma!

Two races were conducted on the Bay of Palma today in 10 knots of wind from the southwest.

In the first race we executed our plan to start at the left end of the line only to find the right side generally better. We finished 5th while Bella Mente won. Shockwave, the leader in our class was just in front of us in 4th.

In the second race there was an even bigger fight for the left side at the start. Shockwave won the fight but started slow. Bella Mente was just above Shockwave and even slower, but went over the line early and had to go back. Onboard Robertissima, we started just above Bella Mente with full speed. We quickly took control of the left and led the entire race.

Bella Mente, after fighting tooth and nail for the left, and having to restart, went hard right with nothing to lose. After looking far behind, they got an amazing wind shift to arrive at the first mark second.

After 7 races, Robertissima is in 3rd place, just 4 points out of 1st. Two races are on the cards for tomorrow.

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