Copa del Rey – Day 5

Palma de Mallorca

Two good races were held again today in slightly more wind, and plenty of sunshine.

Onboard Robertissima, we started of the day with a win. We won the left side of the starting line and therefore the left side of the race course and controlled things from there.

After that first race, we were in a three way tie for first place overall, with three races remaining. Shockwave and Bella Mente were the other two tied with us.

In the second race, we got a bad start. We fought for the left side as usual, but our timing wasn’t perfect and we got squeezed out 2 minutes after the start. We had to tack and go out to the right to clear our air, and on this one sided race course, that was it. We hung close but could never get around the others and no one made any big mistakes.

So going into tomorrow, we lie in third place, 3 points out of first and two points out of second place. Shockwave is back in the lead. We have a good situation should there be any ties in that we have won four races and the tie breaker goes in favor of most number of first places.

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33rd Copa del Rey