We started out the Star North American Championship with a bang…a gun acutally. We won the first race which was held on the Berkeley Circle Race course in 12-16 knots of wind. 40 Stars were on the line for the only race of the day which got under way about 14:45.

We will race six races over the four days; Saturday-Tuesday. One today on Berkeley Circle, two Sunday on the City Front Race course (good for Spectating), two Monday on Berkeley Circle and that last one on the City front on Tuesday.

The wind was fairly steady in direction with some small oscilations and velocity differeces that had to be played in order to gain some advantage. Leading at the first Mark was Geroge Zsabo with Howie Sheibler in a close second. We were third, Marazzi of Switzerland fourth and Reynolds/Liljedahl were fifth. The wind lighted considerably on the first run but not much changed in the positions. Reynolds made a nice move by getting onto port right away to begin the second windward leg and took over the lead. We battled with Shiebler and finally Reynolds at the top of the second beat and took the lead at the second windward mark. We held it from there to the finish although there was some gains and losses. Sheibler was second, Reynolds third, MacCausland fourth, Marazzi (SUI) fifth, Hutchinson 6th, Eric Doyle 7th, and Freddy Loof from (SWE) 8th.

Tomorrow we race two races on the city front course where the current will be a bigger factor. First start is a 11:00. Tonight was the father daughter dance at St. Francis Yacht Club. Nice to see Mark Reynolds and Doug Smith in Tuxedo’s! Their girls looked pretty good too.