Tough day for sailing on San Francisco Bay. The wind did not cooperate for until abou 1400 today and then is was on the light side. However, this coupled with a realively weak current made for the most “open course” racing that you can have on SF Bay. Normally, racing on San Francisco Bay, expecially along the city front, is a one way street. He who wins the start and gets control of the race rarely looses as the others have to follow his track.

This was not the case today. With the starting line just west of Alcatraz and the windward mark just north of Presidio Shoals, the shoreline was not a factor. The wind shifted back and forth and the pressure was also incosistent. So it was a heads out of the boat race. We had a great start at the leward end but that wasn’t good enough to get us the lead up the first beat. We rounded the first mark about 4th and passed one boat on the run. Unfortunately, we set up to go toward the shore and there was much more pressure out in the middle of the bay. Sheibler and Hutchinson made the most of that. There were a few more shifts up the beat that we did no make th emost of but we still rounded the windward mark 5th. Eric Doyle had a big move at the end of the second windward leg to round fourth. Down the last run, we payed too much atention to the current and not enough to the pressure and lost MArk Reynolds and finished 6th. Howard Sheibler won the race so he has a handly lead in the regatta with a 1,2. Terry Hutchinson finished second, Freddy Loof third.

We only got one race in.

So over all, Sheibler is winning, Cayard, Reynolds are tied for 2nd, Hutchinson is fourth Loof 5th. Tomorrow 2 races are scheduled for Berkeley Circle.