Numbers games are what we play out here. It’s all about numbers!

Pressures, angles, days, grams, minutes, calories, codes, watches, deniers, millibars, legs, degrees….you name it we count it, graph it, record it, bag it, everything it.

Didn’t really see that much in the way of wild life closing into the Horn. The last few days were building and wild so can’t even remember if I even had me bloody eyes open!! It was wet and fast, grey and socked in most of the time. Normally the bird life hangs out around the wave tops, but we didn’t see much for those few day. Sea life=nil also. They must go deep or there’s free beer somewhere else or something!!

Situation changes around the corner of course. Temp goes up a few degrees and the Falkland Islands etc are huge breed grounds for tons of species especially cobbers the Alby gliders. It’s a PLEASURE to see the abundance of these all appear in blended company and plenty of them. Big ones, little ones, all shapes. Falklands current underneath our keel pushing us north-ish and obviously provides good pickings for the birdlife. Not much visible in the way of fish in fact not even a fishing boat.

Anyways as the water temp has shot way up now to 75f 30c (pool temp) these bird crowds have changed and diminished which is sad. Guess a bloke will have to plan another trip down to visit these wonderful comrade observers of our panic stricken furious noisy dramatic passages thru their latitudes.

Feel a bit empty now they have gone. Saw the last albatross yesterday around 35deg South latitude.

Looking for more company (not VOR70) but pretty quiet at the moment. Passed our first sea litter 2 1/2 days ago, looked like a shampoo bottle. We were going too fast to grab it unfortunately. Just a harsh reminder we are coming back out of the pure Southern Ocean into civilized waters!! Grrr Such a shame to have to endure these sights.

Every bit helps we can all try harder!! Pollution on board is reaching Geiger level as the warm conditions are igniting cultures and blending bouquets into gagging fumes. Our mid boat is every bit the dog pound and words CANNOT describe the ablution amenities. Decorum will stop us there.

No names will be mentioned as international sensitivities are important to protect and should remain intact. However I should urge any customs and frontier personnel coming aboard in a few days to at least “bring a hankie” !!

Yep that’s it if you got this far you are stoic beyond words or need to get a life…… A WILDLIFE !!!

Eco-watch out