Slogging Away

Position: 27,54.18S , 44,43.83W

Speed: 10 knots, Course: 342 deg.

Just slogging away upwind in 15 knots today. The good news is that there has been more wind than the forecast but still upwind which is slow going. Beautiful weather though – clear skies – sailing in our shorts and T-shirts. Fairly smooth sea. Nice moon at night now too – about three quarters.

The GRIB predicts that those behind will gain on us all the way to the finish. We have to negotiate one more high pressure cell tomorrow. Looks like ABN AMRO One might sneak through ahead of the high widening – but we may yet catch the worst which would allow those following to make big gains in a short period of time. However – that is just a forecast. It could all be different tomorrow and we might skate through as well. One thing it is not is straight forward and simple. We will just have to deal with it whatever it is.

In any case it appears that we will finish sometime on Saturday. I think we will be ready for that. It really is a long way from the Horn to a Rio.

Going to get some rest now if I can. It is really hot inside the boat. Sea temp is 27.


Pirates of the Caribbean