TP52 – Audi MedCup – Portimao

Squeezing water out of a rock.

That is what it is like trying to sail here these past two days. 4.6 knots of wind was the top of it.

Still, we managed to get in some useful practice simulating our approaches to the starting line and accelerating the boat from 2 knots of speed up to full speed, as well as learning how long that takes and what the optimal trajectory for speed build is. It is impressive how much one knot of wind effects the timing of this drill. Good to know.

Then we had three practice starts with Quantum and a little race to the windward mark. It was too light to go downwind once we got there so we called it.

It was probably lighter than we would ever race in today but still, it was good to get out there and focus.

Tomorrow the forecast is for more of the same. So we are meeting at 1200 for the first check in. We may have to sail as late as 1800 as there is forecast to be a bit of breeze then.

Tuesday is supposed to be better. Hopefully we are getting all this “no wind” wind out of the way now so we can have a great regatta.