Athens Training

Short and sweet today. Phil took Austin to the airport at 0600. Then Phil and I went to the gym at 0900-11:00. The wind was light in the am through 1400 so we did some chores. I went to a Travel agent to try to figure out what Island to go to to rest for a few days and the store to restock after the weekend. Phil is moving into his apartment.

We sailed from 1430-1700 with Freddy Loof, Torben Grael (BRA) and Alex Hagen (GER). No racing, just some line ups. We had our old mast in and some older sails on. We were going ok but I want to make some adjustments for tomorrow. Our new rigs should arrive Wednesday or Thursday and we will have to get one of them on line asap as our back up for the Games.

Meg Gaillard our Europe sailor, our men’s 470 Paul Forester and Kevin Burnham were also out sailing today. The tornado guys were gluing their boat together…apparently they epoxy the cross beams to the hulls for important regattas. Our 49er guys Tim Wadlow and Pete Spaulding rigged up their boat. Kevin Hall, our Finn sailor just dropped his boat and coach boat off. Tomorrow they draw for the Lasers whish is the only class where the boats are supplied by the organizing authority. Mark Mendleblatt is our Laser sailor and he finished second that this years world championship. He is a good golfer too as you know from what I wrote yesterday.

It is so nice to be sailing out of the venue. We literally walked across the street to get back to the apartment.; 10 minutes max.

Phil and Chrissy came over and we Que-d up some yard bird and made some Fusili Napolitana and a salad.

Tomorrow will be a bigger day sailing and probably some racing.

Paul Cayard