Pre-Olympic Training

A little update on the past four days.

Thursday morning we went for team golf. We went with Mark Medleblatt the USA Laser representative. He has actually been here so long he is a member of the golf Club and he is pretty good. He won easily shooting 40 for 9. The rest of us, Phil me and Austin were in the 50’s and Andy is pretty new at golf. The guys went down to pack up the boat after that and I went to the airport for a short one day trip. Even though I was going through airports and hassling with travel it was pretty relaxing compared to what we have been doing. Mainly being in airconditoning all day rather than heat all day was a relief.

Friday, Phil, Austin and Andy finished up the pack up of the two Stars and the tender and Phil and I met up in the Athlete’s Village with the rest of the US Olympic Sailing Team around 2030 for dinner. We walked around the village a bit after wards. We saw the gym’s, the track, the pools, all pretty nice training facilities within the Athelete’s village. We then caught a bus to the “International Zone” an area with an Internet Caf