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Newport, Rhode Island IRC class 1, which includes the TP52’s was assigned to the “stadium” course inside the Bay and in front of Fort Adams today.  The wind were light, under 10 knots throughout the racing period.  Racing got cut a bit short at 14:00 as a large thunderstorm built just to the north of […]

Newport, RI The Race Committee sent us on the Coastal Race today.  The wind was blowing 15-20 knots form the south today. The course had us starting just north of the Jamestown Bridge, sailing upwind, south to a sea buoy about 3 miles south of Castle Hill and then all the way back north, into […]

Vesper (inside) and Spookie rounding the windward mark. Newport, R.I. I am here in Newport racing onboard Phoenix, a TP 52 designed by Botin. We raced the boat a month ago here and broke our mast.  It has been a very tight schedule to get the mast repaired and the boat back out on the […]

Marina Del Rey All 15 teams were back out on the Santa Monica Bay today for the final three races of the District 5 Championship. The conditions for race 4 (first of today) were 9 knots from the southwest, sunshine and smooth seas. Danny and i had a good srart down at the left end […]

Marina Del Rey 15 teams showed up to contest the 5th District Championship which is being held concurrently with the King of Spain regatta, an annual So Cal classic. Three races were schedule for today and we had  7-10 knots of wind from the southwest with a gentle swell. The fog line moved over and […]

Coconut Grove Today was the final race of the 2016 Star World Championship.  The wind was slow to build but finally came in at 7-8 knots from 060.  It was blowing over Key Biscayne onto the course and this made for very shifty conditions and significant deltas of wind pressure. After several attempted starts, we […]

Photo: Marco Oquendo/

Coconut Grove Race 5 was held yesterday in a light 7-8 knot breeze from the south east.  The sun was out, the sea was flat and warm.  It was classic Star sailing on Biscayne Bay. After three general recalls of the start, the Black Flag came out and  3 teams were caught out by this.  Brian and I […]

Battling the kelp today. Marco Oquendo photo Coconut Grove Race 4 was held today for the 73 competitors in the Star World Championship on Biscayne Bay.  The winds were light again blowing in from the southeast at 7-8 knots. I felt like it was going to be good on the left today so we started […]

Skin cancer awareness has hit the Star Class and we are all wearing these neck and face covers. Photo was from Race 2. Photo by Marco Oquendo. Coconut Grove Day 3 of the Star World Championship started off without wind.  The fleet waited for over an hour before we could attempt to get a race started. […]

Coconut Grove Race 2 of the 2016 Star World Championship was held today on Biscayne Bay.  At start time, 11:30, the wind was in at 16 knots from 085 and stayed pretty much the same all race.  Having said that, there were 15 degree oscillations and 4 knot changes in windspeed.  It was still a […]

Coconut Grove Coral Reef Yacht Club is hosting the 2016 Star World Championship this week.  75 boats from 13 countries are competing with 8 former World Champions in the lineup. The format is one race a day with a lay day mid way through the week. Today was the first race. The wind was blowing 16 […]

St. Barths, French West Indies Another perfect day today with winds a bit further right coming out of 130 at up to 20 knots. The course for the final race was clockwise around the archipelago of St. Barths. For the third time, Peter Holmberg and I devised a good strategy to get clear of the […]

St. Barthelemy French West Indies Another beautiful day for sailing down in the Caribbean.  Today the winds were slightly more to the right at 110 and 15 knots. The course for the today is known as the “not so wiggly” course.  The fleet starts downwind to the west and goes around some rock at the […]

Saint Barthelemy, French West Indies Today was day 1 of the 2016 Super Yacht Bucket.  I am sailing onboard Rosehearty with Joey Kempfer for the third time in a year.  36 Super Yachts are here racing divided into 5 classes.  Super yachts are yacht more that 100 feet in length and typically quite luxurious. Rosehearty is […]

Coconut Grove Another perfect day for sailing today on Biscayne Bay with 12 knots of wind to from the southeast and sunshine. The final race was for all the marbles.  Robert Stanjeck with Fritjof Kleen (GER) up front and Diego Negri with Sergio Lambertenghi (ITA) were tied and no one else could beat either of […]

photo by Cory Silken Coconut Grove Two races were held today on Biscayne Bay for the Star fleet. The conditions were perfect for the Stars, Southeast winds starting at 16 knots in the first race of the day and dropping to 10 knots by the end of the second race. Diego Negri and his crew, […]

Photo by Cory Silken from Tuesday’s race. Cayard/Fatih in bow 41 in 18 knots of wind. Coconut Grove The wind was blowing hard all night and early this morning.  The Race Committee put up the postponement flag at 0900 and at 11:00 called it for the day.  This is a good call for the fleet on the […]

A portion of the 60+ boats still tightly packed at the first mark after 20 minutes of racing.  Photo Cory Silken Coconut Grove Today was a perfect Miami day for sailing.  The wind was in the mid teens, the waves were good for surfing the boats downwind and the Star Class was out in force […]

Coconut Grove Today was Day 2 of the 88th Bacardi Cup and all the forecasts were predicting big breeze-20 knots.  It didn’t materialize.  That’s why they call it a forecast and not a factcast. We had a much shorter day on the water which was appreciated by all. I was in bed at 8:15 last night! […]

Coconut Grove Today was the first day of the 88th Bacardi Cup.  The Bacardi Cup started in Havana Cuba and was moved to Miami in the late 50’s. 70 Star teams from 14 countries are entered for the event. The wind was in from the east at 15-17 knots and all the teams were ready for […]

Coconut Grove Two races were held today in a postcard perfect Miami.  10-15 knots from the North and clear blue skies. The Walker Cup is in honor of Harry Walker, who served the star class as secretary for many years.  The 43 competitors were competing to win the Walker Cup but also as a tune up […]

Coconut Grove Three races were held today on Biscayne Bay for the Star fleet.  The Winter Series fleet has swollen to 40+ boats in anticipation of next weeks Bacardi Cup. The wind was generally steady in direction and strength with 10-14 knots from East Northeast.  This made for a shifty day as the wind was coming over […]

Photo by Marco Oquendo Coconut Grove Two races were held today today in 8-10 knots from the east-southeast. We had our ups and downs but basically Danny sailed very fast downwind and we made huge gains on the final runs of both races to finish 9 and 7.  That was enough to move us up to 7th […]

Coxonut Grove Danny and I are back in the Grove for more Star Racing. This time the Schoonmaker Cup with 20 other teams. For this event,  I am crewing for Danny. It has been fun to share the Star with him this past year and I hope he enjoys Star sailing for as many years […]

Coconut Grove Two races were held today in 8-10 knots from the east on Biscayne Bay. This weekend is the “Masters” regatta in the Star Class. Obviously,  the name is indicative of a certain amount of life experience required to race in the “Masters”.  The Masters has become the Zag Masters in honor of Frank Zagarino, […]

Coxonut Grove We had just one race today and that’s all Magnus and I needed to end the weekend on a good note. Truth be told, we were very lucky today.  At the start of the race, the pin end was favored 20 degrees and of course the black flag was up. We fouled Ante at […]

Coconut Grove The wind was late filling in today so we didn’t get the first race of the day started til 14:00. There is no other way to say it than the starting lines were horrible. Yet, the race committee put the black flag up! We haven’t had a race in this regatta without the […]

Coconit Grove Three races were held today on Biscayne Bay for the Stars. The winds were 6-10 knots from the South-Southwest. I made a cardinal mistake in race 1 and was over early with the black flag up. So we were instantly disqualified. I was kicking myself for the whole day. Sorry Magnus! John Max […]

Coconut Grove No wind, no race. Actually, we got 3/4’s of the way around the course in a northerly breeze that started at 4 knots and died to less than 1, when the race committee abandoned the race. It was good for Magnus and I as we were in about 12th place. 3 races are […]

Coconut Grove It’s winter in the northern hemisphere so where do Star sailors go? Miami. More than 30 teams are here in Miami for the 2016 Midwinter Championship. As usual the fleet is very is international with teams from Sweden, Italy, Germany, Canada, Argentina, France, England and USA. Today was a special day for me […]

Nassau No wind today. Not sure I have ever had a day of no wind in my 10+ regattas in Nassau. It did happen in 1959 apparently! 1959 was otherwise a good year I am told. It is hard on the guys who were just a few points out of the top 11 and hoping […]

Nassau Another light wind day on Montague Bay for the SSL qualifying series. Three races we held in a 4-6 knot wind from the south. No shortage of sun and humidity out on the race track! Joschen Schuemann, three time Olympic Gold Medalist, of Germany, had the best day with a 5, 6, 1. Xavier […]

Nassau, Bahamas Today was the first day of the 2015 SSL Finals on Montegue Bay. Four races were held in 6-8 knots of wind from the southeast. While this was less strenuous than 4 races in the typical Nassau winds of 15-18 knots, it was no walk in the park. The 19 competitors here are […]

Photo by Carlo Borlenghi Porto Cervo The Perini Cup is held once every two years, in Porto Cervo. It is an iconic location of these luxurious sailing yachts. Perini’s are mostly 180-200′ in length. As in St. Barts in March, I was sailing as tactician onboard Joey Kempfer’s, Rosehearty. The racing format is “pursuit racing” […]

Santa Barbara August 9, 2010 The final event of the Southern California Summer Series was shelf this pat weekend at Santa Barbara Yacht Club. The conditions were beautiful, smooth seas, light winds and plenty of sunshine. This weekend Danny steered our boat and I worked up front. We finished second overall!  Danny did a great job […]

Edgartown July 24, 2015   I have been in Edgartown for the past two days racing onboard Foggy, a brand new Frers 75′. Foggy is not just a racing boat but more like a work of art. She has a number of artistic touches, not common to racing boats, that have been added by famed […]

Star Boat Paul Cayard

Marina del Rey 16 Stars turned up in Marina del Rey this weekend to contest the King of Spain regatta. The conditions couldn’t have been better with 8-10 knots for all 6 races. Jimmy Buckingham and Austin Sperry posted great scores to win the regatta with 7 points. They won three of the 6 races […]

Father’s Day Newport Beach CA 18 teams competed for the 5th District Championship and the Baxter Bowl on Father’s Day weekend. The top two teams were, appropriately,  father-son teams! Six Star races were conducted over the weekend by Newport Harbor Yacht Club.   The conditions were typical; sunshine, 6-8 knots  of wind and sloppy seas. […]

San Diego May 24, 2015 The past two days a fleet of 16 Stars have been racing on Coronado Rhodes competing for the Rollins Bowl.  Chick Rollins was a fiery character who graced the San Diego Bay Star fleet for over 50 years. The usual cast of characters from California were in attendance including 4 […]

John Payne Photo Coconut Grove One race today in perfect conditions again!  10-12 knots from the southeast, warm water, warm air.  I don’t think we have had a week of Star sailing this good, anywhere, in a very long time. Lars Grael turned it on today and got the win.  Brian Ledbetter continued his strong […]