AmericaOne has spent the last two months training in Auckland, New Zealand in preparation for the upcoming America

I am sure a lot will be written in all sailing periodicals this month about the last Sydney to Hobart Race. It was very sad to hear of people losing their lives. It seems so senseless for a sport. The recounting of the conditions that I have heard from crew on Sayonara is incredible. For […]

It has been a good two months for my AmericaOne Challenge, landing two Official Sponsorships with Bellcore/SAIC and Ford Motor Company which brings our total to three Official Sponsors, including Hewlett Packard, who signed on in April. We still have three more Official Sponsorships to sell but these recent successes plus the fact that the […]

First let me say that I am flattered by the amount that has been written about EF Languages’ victory in the Whitbread Round the World Race, most notably in the July issue of this very Seahorse. I guess the realization that is occurring for those of us that participated in the race is how much […]

The 12 man luge ride is over. What an experience! I think the scene that can best sum it up is; It is 02:00 in the Southern Ocean. The sound inside the boat is that of breaking glass in a car accident. The boat is slamming and shuddering violently as it is hurtling down 30 […]

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